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What garnet we offer

Garnet Standard

It’s a sharp and though abrasive material in greenish brown color produced as a result of crushing rocks. Standard is the best for cutting materials thinner than 30 mm while offering the best quality/price ratio.

Shinrai Minerals

This though abrasive material in a reddish tone is produced as a result of crushing rocks. Due to it’s sharpness Premium guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials therefore it’s the most universal garnet among our abrasives.

Shinrai Minerals Alluvial

This sand with rounded edges in a pink hue is best known above all for it’s hardness and durability. Thanks to it’s alluvial origin it gives the highest quality aftercut edges.

Use of garnet abrasive



Also known as abrasive blasting or waterblasting, it’s a technology that consist in using a stream of high pressured mix of water and abrasive. As a result it’s perfect for cleaning, smoothing and shaping a hard surface providing an even finish.

Consequently sandblasting constitutes a very effective solution in many different applications.


Waterjet cutting

The high effective cutting method using high pressured water with added an abrasive sand. Most noteworthy this technology can cut virtually any material, any shape, at any thickness.

Waterjet is one the most effective and universal cutting tools. As a result many manufacturers choose it as their main cutting method on production.